Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Very Sad Story!

Well, it's not terribly sad but today I was crabbing and when I attempted to retrieve my ring net, the line on the ring net broke and I lost the whole rig. My wife was on the pier with me and when I pulled up the nylon rope with nothing but a hook at the end a silence came over that small little pier. I complained a lot. It's not that the rig was expensive, because it wasn't, but the frustration of losing it and the rest of my crabbing day. At least the ring net was made of cotton string so it will rot into nothing, unfortunately the metal rings will be down there for some time. I hope they won't do any damage to the habitat. Anyways, that's what is happening in Debris Central.

In case you've been following along, the crabbing hasn't been going well for me, but that is because of my awful location. I promise though, one of these days I will pull up some crab and get great pictures for you all!