Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Florida Stone Crabbing

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Florida Stone Crab

Both survival and backpacking require knowledge of the world around us and the animals that inhabit it. I'm always learning about new plants and animals and it's truly amazing to see how much is really all around us. The newest creature I've become fascinated with is the Florida Stone Crab. Here is a video of it in its habitat:

The Florida Stone Crab is neat because of how it's used. People like to harvest the claws, and that sounds like an awful waste doesn't it? Well the neat thing about them is that people can harvest the claws, then toss the crab back into the water where it can re-grow its claws! That's right, the Stone Crab's meat can be harvested without killing the animal. I just think that is cool. I know the season is over but I can still watch the videos. I figured I'd share some with you: